Fadumo Osman is one of the most welcoming folks at Impact Hub MSP, and that’s saying a lot. She works here as the Member Services Coordinator and contributes a great deal to making it the warm and inviting place that it is. She has worked in tech development at Google and Facebook amongst other places and is now working to start her own social venture which is working to mitigate the online spread of false information. We talk about:

-building sustainable change

-online community

-intellectual vs experiential knowledge

-working toward online safety

-simplicity lowering the barriers to access

-a process-oriented idea of success


Fadumo can be found on Instagram and Twitter at the handle @fadumzz

Fadumo’s project, Remote Iftar website: https://www.remoteiftar.com/

 A Good Morning America news article about Remote Iftar: https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/living/story/hardship-ease-muslims-digital-celebrate-ramadan-quarantine-70494181




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