Beatrice Adenodi is an Awareness Advocate, an original thinker, the creator and founder of innovative initiatives, and with the release of her upcoming book, now an author. Her business, Mirror Ink, works with individuals and businesses to holistically integrate work and life. Her other initiative, Mindless Behaviors, is a social-experiential initiative that seeks to build awareness and personal development by offering effective communication tools in order to provide people with different perspectives of thinking. Here we discuss:

-Reclaiming your power

-Language as a form of energy

-Questioning personal and societal narratives

-The value of questioning identity

-Our external world as a manifestation of our internal world

-Telling stories as a way of highlighting what’s relatable on a human level

-Emotions as our most powerful tool and how we’ve been robbed of them

-How the inability to see others as human robs us of the ability to be joyful

-Changing the pervasive narratives of repression



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