Humanized Teaching

Miki Huntington is an educator, speaker, facilitator, mentor, military veteran, and life coach. She specializes in energy leadership, intercultural communication, and development of actionable goals for positive impact as well as personal and professional fulfillment. She brings a highly humanized intention and focus wherever she goes and seeks to carry openheartedness in the process of learning, both in the classroom and in every day life. Here we discuss:


-Teaching as a partnership, a mutual exchange, and a two-way street

-The role of perspective in our ability to learn

-The wisdom in doing things before you’re ready

-Questions as a way of opening up new possibilities

-Subjective, objective, and intuitive listening

-The importance of creating space for ourselves so that we can offer it to others

-The necessity of humanizing the teaching and learning process


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The Humanizing Your Online Class infographic, by Michelle Pacansky-Brock:


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