Anthoni McMorris-Rice is, in his own words, a spiritual man, a believer in the divine, a philosopher and scientist in his own right, a person who is interested in thought and the choice of thought, a human being (not 2/3 of one), and a descendent of a slave who seeks to make change and provide a new perspective and narrative of reality. I met Anthoni at the intersection of 38th Street and Chicago Ave in Minneapolis, MN, just days after George Floyd was murdered there by police. Anthoni’s words are ones for anyone and everyone. Here we talk about:


-The primacy of perception in shaping reality

-How the need for survival shapes our mode of being in the world

-The errancy of judgment

-The life-giving necessity of empathy

-Freedom as a fundamental state of being

-“Living for” vs. “dying for”

-The consequences of choice

-Tuning into self-knowledge

-The validity of all emotions


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