S______ (ilence)

We take a break this week from the regular humanship format and opt instead for an inspired monologue. Be forewarned, this is Nick speaking for an hour so if you’d rather not listen to him ramble, feel free to pass this episode on by. But with that being said, there’s some good nuggets in here. This comes following an 8-day solo silent Boundary Waters retreat. So in a note of irony, I’ll be talking about silence and a plethora of other related things. Including:


-The fruitfulness of being centered

-Becoming aware of the stories we hold about ourselves and the world

-Identifying as the soul

-The posture of seeking with humility and curiosity

-The potentially paradoxical wisdom of loving everything

-The “spiritual” and the “political”

-The importance of the small things in life

-Laughing at the world



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