Terri Barreiro is a co-founder of Impact Hub Minneapolis-St. Paul and has an extensive background in leadership of nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. She is also Principal at Cogent Consulting, PBC. She has also spent a great deal of time in the higher education world and was the founder and director of the Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship at Saint John’s University. She has always taken an interest in systems change and how people interact and communicate with each other. This interest has led her on a journey of learning and attention toward fostering a more robust future for the social entrepreneurship arena. Here we discuss:


-Having an attention toward how people engage with others and accomplish change

-The nature of systems change and the significance of asking “why?”

-The work of bringing a diverse group of people together to achieve actual outcomes

-Thinking of a career path as a web rather than a linear path

-Generational divides on attitudes toward work and career

-Her work doing organizational strategy

-The history of social entrepreneurship

-The meaning of community engagement strategies

-Orienting our public language toward constructive change


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