Silvia Ontaneda is truly one of the most kindhearted people you’ll ever meet. With a career spent in the Ecuadorian Foreign Service, with a good portion of her time living in Minnesota, Silvia brings a unique perspective on what it is to be human. What does it look like to value the whole person in our capitalist societal framework and how can we create a space for greater degrees of intercultural story exchanges? These are the character of questions she directs her energy towards. A few other topics we touch on:

-Her connection from Ecuador to Minnesota

-Living from a spirit of abundance

-Being human is an experience we choose daily

-Social capitalism- Providing opportunities for economic growth

-Living as a source of service

-The importance of taking care of ourselves

-Happiness from solidarity

-An opportunity to create a new world


The quote mentioned at 41:00:

“The citizen who criticizes his country is paying it an implied tribute… I do not think it is “selling America short” when we ask a great deal of her; on the contrary, it is those who ask nothing, those who see no fault, who are really selling America short.” –J. William Fulbright


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