The Clarity of Presence

Tamara Torres’ passion is helping busy professionals and entrepreneurs align their values with their schedules to have the time and energy for what matters most. To this end, she founded Optima Results Coaching and launched the Productivity with Heart series. Her background in psychology and integrative medicine, along with thousands of coaching interactions, has honed her ability to help her clients achieve results. 


When not coaching, Tamara loves spending time outdoors, playing cards with her family, and stand-up comedy. After multiple injuries from running and martial arts, Tamara has learned to adjust her expectations and embrace being the youngest in her water aerobics class. 


Here are a few of the topics we touch on:


-The okay-ness of feeling sad

-Productivity with heart

-Practicing compassion

-Balance as being something to be practiced rather than something to be obtained

-Finding clarity on what matters

-Dissatisfaction as a driving force

-The ripple effect of each action


Tamara is providing free a strategy call for those interested in connecting, here's the link to her schedule:


Tamara on LinkedIn:


The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible (book by Charles Eisenstein):


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