The Creative Dance

Kelly Pratt is the founder of Athena Village and the So Do It! Society, which work to support women in bringing their full authentic selves to the world. Kelly likes to use the word “mojo” to refer to the unique spice or flavor that each person brings with them wherever they go. If we’re human, we know how easy it is for that mojo be conditioned out of us. Kelly speaks about her work as creating space for that uniqueness to be rediscovered and brought unashamedly into the work we do. Here are a few other topics we touched on:

-The capacity of creativity to change our world

-Creating space

-Supporting others in owning their own value

-The life-giving nature of being values-driven

-The need for positive stories

-The correlation between feeding our souls and our liveliness

-Taking ownership of our own accountability

-The virtues of patience and optimism


Relevant links:


Athena Village website:

So Do It! Society website:

Kelly Pratt on LinkedIn:


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