Michelle Tran Maryns is driven by a humble yet firm passion to enable others to do what they most want to do. Her entrepreneurship journey in the tech world has been fueled by this very notion. With an array of varied professional experiences from the government sector to the private sector to the nonprofit world and now into entrepreneurship, she brings a unique perspective on what we need as humans and how to design systems and services that address these core foundational needs. Here we discuss:


  • The notion of “underestimated entrepreneurs”
  • Her story and how it informs the work she does
  • The growth of social entrepreneurship and the reasons behind its growth
  • The human hunger for authenticity
  • Incorporating human-centered design into your work
  • The desire from consumers to tell your story as a business owner
  • Building bridges between communities
  • The power of listening
  • Self-care as a way of taking action

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