We Hold The Pen

Adam Schneider is a wonderfully intentional and encouraging spirit. His approach to life is one of thoughtful consideration and expected-unexpected improvisation. He seeks to empower individuals in a full expression of themselves through a variety of avenues including music, wellbeing, and purpose-driven entrepreneurship. Here we discuss:


-Being a catalyst for freedom

-Journeying on the path of understanding

-The narratives that direct our lives and how becoming increasingly aware of them allows us to live more fluidly and freely

-The value of encouragement

-Aligning with an attitude of receptivity to our efforts in personal growth

-Being authors of our own lives

-Being receptive to the phenomenon of remembering


Relevant links:


Adam’s band- The Most I Am (upcoming album- Becoming)-

  • com
  • Facebook: @themostiam

Prosper & Purpose- growth marketing agency for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. He’s director of media devel

Advancement Academy- community of ppl that want to support each other through the process of personal growth


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