Whimsical Recallings

John Noltner is a photographer, storyteller, educator, advocate, activist, and a Christmas tree farmer. He’s also been known to go by the title “untrained migratory earth-bound theologian.” He is the creator of the multimedia arts project called A Peace of My Mind, which uses stories to highlight our shared humanity and to address our worlds most pressing issues. Embracing a spirit of whimsy has led him on a journey across the geographic world as well as the world of the human spirit on which he has gathered and curated stories of what it means to be human and how our individual and collective understandings of peace play a vital role in our greater unfolding story. Here we discuss:


-His work as an entrepreneur and an artist

-Leaving room for the mystery and the unexpected

-Embracing a whimsical spirit

-Questioning the line between foolish and visionary

-The meaning of recalling our common humanity

-Practicing the skills of vulnerability, courage, and grace

-The simultaneous celebration of our common humanity and our diversity

-Story as a way of understanding experience and distilling a bigger picture

-Amplifying constructive voices as a way of creating a roadmap forward

-We all are the help the world needs


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